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P i R U's Global Moderator Application Name: Tyler

In-game Username: P i R U

Forum Username: P i R U

Age: 22

Who invited you to apply?: P i R U from ASL

Timezone (GMT +/-): Central

Country: USA

Main language: English

Do you speak any other languages fluently? If so which?: Negative.

What days of the week, and times of day are you most active?: 5 hours at minimum.

Roughly how many hours a week are you online?: 20-30 Hours

Have you had any breaks from playing since joining the server? If so, why did you leave, and why did you come back?: Negative.

Do you plan on having any further breaks in the near future?: Negative, but I will post and let you know if I do.

Do you have any previous experience with Staff/Ranks? (Do not mention server names): Yes

If answered yes, do you still maintain these ranks? If not, why do you not have these ranks anymore? I do.

Have you ever been staff on this server? Negative.

If so, why do you not have this rank anymore? N/A

Why do you deserve this rank?: I don't deserve anything, but I feel I can definitely handle it.

What do you believe is the responsibility of a staff member? Peace. No problems what so ever. Make sure everyone is well taken care of. If they have a problem, Let a Staff Member know so we can make everything understandable and move on with a smooth out come.

Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: Negative.

If answered yes to above, what did you do?: N/A

If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to not only play, but to engage in staff responsibilities on the server, forum, Skype or kik?: Of course.

Are you accessible through Skype or Kik to reach when offline? Yes. Just ask for them.

Answer these questions as in depth as possible, assuming the player continued the action regardless of what you said.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language? Give them a warning of the offensive language they used. If it bothered someone let them know it's not acceptable. If they continue, Just warn them of the Consequences of their actions. If it gets worse, or continues to happen. Apply action and tell them to Appeal on Forums for whatever the Consequence was.

What would you do if you came across someone that appeared to be AFK training? Type their name 5 Times, if I get no response. Jail them, once they come back, tell them why the were placed in jail. Then proceed to guide them to the forums to Appeal, pay bail Etc.

What would you do if a player was jailed for afk training, but did not have any money to pay their fine? Let them sit out their sentence of course, and warn them that AFK Training is not Acceptable at all.

What would you do if a player did not pay out when dicing? Make sure whomever is claiming they were scammed has Screenshots. Jail the opposing Dicer, and have them Appeal on forums for their failing to Pay out the funds.

What would you do if someone asked you to buy RS gp from them? Tell them that they cannot Trade ANY GP or ITEMS from any other game besides ASL. Warn them of what will happen if the keep trying to sell or Trade other games merchandise. Proceed with Consequences if they do not listen to what I have said.

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on forums? Immediately click " Report to Moderator " To get a faster handle on what is going on.

What would you do if a player logged on a different account to argue their punishment with you? Let them know that taunting a Staff Member can result in that same Consequences as to what they did to get their punishment in the first place.

What would you do if player logged in with a questionably offensive or rule breaking name? If the name offends anyone or causes an uproar. I would ask them to Change their name, and get them to understand why it is not acceptable as a Username. If they will not listen to anything I say, I would Mute ( if they were to keep using ::yell ) the account and Jail it.

What would you do if someone messaged you claiming to be flamed by a player? xTeleto and try to stay Stealth. If my position has been compromised and I have witnessed any flaming. Ask the Flame-e to send me Screenshots of the Action ( Private Messages or Flame I did not Witness )

What would you do if a player accused you of abuse or breaking a rule? Try to understand what abuse I committed, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be breaking any Rules. If I did, double check which one I have Broken. If I am innocent, Get them to understand why I am innocent / Not in the wrong.

What would you do if a player accused another of scamming for underpaying or taking advantage of another player? Understand what is going on, Then ask them to File a Report under Help/Support on the forums using the proper format with Screenshots or Video of the event.

Tell us about yourself, hobbies, things you enjoy doing etc?:PKing. Answering random questions.

Anything else you would like us to know?: I'M READY COACH!

July 01, 2016, 09:12:48 PM
A small step... I would like to congratulate Bugzymalone on being the first to 95 smithing and also the people who supplies him to get there as now we can all get our vissies made into Dfs's :D

Thanks mate <3

July 05, 2016, 08:07:09 PM
Official Server Discord Channel I have took it upon myself to make a Discord channel for RatedPixels so that players can feel more connected as a community, you can join our selection of text channels or even some of our voice channels to talk with people from RatedPixels about similar ingame interests such as skilling, pvm'ing, or certain game modes such as Ironman or UIM. The link to join our official Discord Channel is:

If you need help on setting up Discord you can send me or Artemis a message on forums or ingame for directions.

November 13, 2016, 11:22:09 PM
RatedPixels Ingame Updates 22-11-2016 Today we had a small update batch with mostly bug fixes.

-Fareed is Now Multi-Combat. Bring a team to take on this hard boss.
-Mysterious emblems can now be used to gain pkp. Speak with Emblem Trader at Home
-Most bank booths should now work with noting/unnoting items (If any banks don't work, please post in bug section)
-The sweets dropped by Fareed are now edible. They heal 10 hp ea.
-Fareed was added as a boss that has killcount
-Almost all npc drops should be correct now (If any drops are still broken, Please post in bug section. With Boss, Amount, Name)
-Armadyl Pendant Now has stats (Look at the bottom for stats)
-The new items should now have drop broadcast messsages
-The skillers cape now requires all non-combat skills at 99
-You no longer have to click twice on any drops to pick it up, you will walk to it and loot it now.

Here are the stats to the Armadyl pendant

Goodluck on the new drops :D

November 22, 2016, 10:07:55 PM
RatedPixels Ingame Updates 26-11-2016 Small update today. Not much was done. Look forward to the Month Ahead post on December 1st, 2016 Detailing all of Decembers massive content updates.

-Slightly changed the way pking works. Regular player can no longer attack Ironmen or Vica Versa. Regular players can attack regular players, and Ironmen can attack Ironmen.

-Made getting ore slightly quicker. Only rune was affected.

-You will no longer see mutliples of yourself in ::players

-Noted wyvern bones can no longer be sold to sigmund

-Moved Mage of Zamorak away from the npcs and closer to bank.

-Increased firemaking exp, and increased fletching exp

-You can now autocast ancients with Master wand

November 26, 2016, 08:04:32 PM
Squad Goals

December 02, 2016, 07:24:44 PM
RatedPixels Ingame Update 05-12-16 Sorry about the delayed update, would have loved to of had this out 2-3 days ago.

-We've Implemented tons of new custom rares in the client. They're currently unobtainable, but you'll see some of them obtainable over the coming weeks.

-Crafting was changed up quite a bit, Instead of obtaining Amulets straight from the Uncut Gem, You will now obtain a Cut Gem.

-You can now create amulets from by using a Cut Gem on a Amulet mould. You will also require a Gold Bar. You will lose the Cut Gem, and Gold Bar during the creation process.

-You can now create Berserker Necklace by using a Cut Onyx on a Necklace Mould. You will also require a Gold Bar. You will lose the Cut Onyx, and Gold Bar during the creation process.

-When fishing, You will notice that you obtain fish faster now.

-We changed a few npc names, and click options with this update.

-We cleaned out the bank at home quite a bit with this update, No more random objects in the bank.

-We also cleaned up home a bit. You will notice that a few npc locations have changed. Boss points store is now located beside the slayer master. The mage of zamorak is now infront of bank. The bounty hunter trade option has become the pk points store.

-You can no longer create Amulet of Furies with a chisel.

-Added 4th Click npc support (This opens up tons of possibilities in the future)

-The 2 new crafting Moulds have been added to both the Skilling store (bob) and ::ironzone store

-You will now receive a message if you try to create a Amulet/Necklace without the required Materials.

-You can now create Malediction, and Odium ward (I) by using the respective shield on a imbue scroll. You will also require a draconic visage. You will lose all 3 items in the upgrade process.

-You can now create an Elysian, and Divine spirit shield(i). You need the respective shield, a Dfs, and 2 Imbue Scrolls. You will lose all 3 items in the process.

-You can now create a Arcane spirit shield(i). You need an Arcane spirit shield, an Malediction ward(i), and an Imbue scroll. You will lose all 3 items in the creation process.

-You can now create a Spectral spirit shield(i). You need an Spectral spirit shield, an Odium ward(i), and an Imbue scroll. You will lose all 3 items in the creation process.

-You can now create an Ava's Max cape. You need an Ava's accumulator, and a Max cape.

-Ava's Max cape now save's arrows, It has a saving power of 7. Ava's Accumulator has a saving power of 5.

-Ava's Max cape now has the required stats to equip (Completely maxed)

-Skiller's Max cape requirements have been correct, again. It will no longer require slayer to equip.

-Boss point store prices have been changed. Pvp armour has been changed from 3500 to 2500. Sigils from 4500 to 3000. Spirit shield and Holy elixers from 1500 to 1000. We have also added Imbue scrolls for 5000 boss points.

-All magic staves should count as their respective rune. Steam battlestaff/Mystic Steam battlestaff currently do not work.

-Void Melee had in-correct damage + accuracy algorithms. They've both been fixed to give 10% boosts.

-Void Mage had an Incorrect accuracy algorithm. It has been fixed to give 30%

-Void Range had an Incorrect accuracy + damage algorithm. It has been fixed to give 10% damage, and 20% accuracy.

-All the settings on the slayer master now properly work. You can do get tasks faster, and reset tasks faster.

I have also done some less appeasing background stuff
  • Added items obtained during this update to Item.cfg
  • Changed the process of Unnoting/Noting items. It now deletes the item first, than adds it.
  • Fixed item slots on the new items obtained during this update.

Please don't forget to download the new client. Otherwise certain aspects of this update will remain un-available to you.

December 06, 2016, 01:15:56 AM
RatedPixels Ingame Update 11-12-16 Today we updated the game servers with the christmas event. Here is a walkthrough :
In other news here is the update list.
-Let it snow! As you may have noticed it started snowing in game (Download the new client to gain snowy grounds)

-Some npc names have been changed.

-The donation santa npc has been changed with a new npc to take over the donation shop.

-Santa claus is now spawned at home. Talk to him to take part in the servers christmas event. You will be rewarded with a christmas present that random gives you one of four santa hats (Black, Lime, Lava, and White).

-All Christmas npcs work, and do as they're supposed to.

-Fixed a few npc chatting messages.

-Donorzone was heavily changed around, You will notice that a few new npcs have been added. As well as the teleporting location.

-Extreme donors have received a massive overhaul. You will now recieved +3 boss points per boss killed. +2 vote points. +3 Assault points. You will now have access to ::bank (Not useable in wildy). You will now have access to ::super (Gives 116/99 stats to all combat stats(Besides prayer and hp))(Not useable in wildy). Extreme donators now also have access to a really nice skilling area ::edz. Feel free to suggest more things to add to the zone.

The Ratedpixels staff team wishes you a Merry Christmas.

December 11, 2016, 09:18:39 PM
Extreme Donorzone

Too lazy to get IMG link so just use gyazo link to see the edz

December 30, 2016, 06:33:59 AM