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Nulled Spot!
« on: December 12, 2016, 10:54:55 PM »
What type of bug?(Client issue/Forum issue) Client Issue.

Describe the bug: (When did it happen? What is it? Where did it happen? etc.) 4:43PM (GMT -6.00), A tile outside of the Mage Bank/Magic Arena is nulled and wouldn't allow me or Aardbei to loot his items after he died (we were funPK'ing), Right outside of the Mage Bank lever. Aardbei lost a tentacle whip, fighter torso, ava's max cape, barrows gloves, and a dragon defender. I was able to recover his Verac's Skirt and fighter hat right before the loot pile started to disappear.

How do you reproduce this bug if possible? (How do you do it?) Drop an item or kill a player who is standing on that square and try to loot the items, you would not be able to loot them.