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Regards to Helping the Team
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:11:21 PM »
Name: Chas M.

In-game Username: ChastheLight

Forum Username: ChastheLight

Age: 25

Did you view, understand, and agree on the following?: Yes, Agreed.
RatedPixels Rules:http://www.ratedpixels.com/forum/index.php?topic=16.0
Donation Terms of Service:http://ratedpixels.com/forum/index.php?topic=15.msg15#msg15

Position you are applying for: Moderator or Admin, either that you need.

Timezone (GMT +/-): Arizona (we don't change times but we bounce between -7 and -8)

Country: United States

Main language: English

Do you speak a second language?: Bits here and there of spanish, but there is always google translate.

Average time played per day: Depends on the day, on a daily average probably 5 - 10 hours possibly more.

When did you join RatedPixels?: Today, but from what I can tell I'll be here awhile if the updates keep coming.  ;D

Have you had any breaks from playing since joining the server?: Nope, probably will not.

Previous experience with Staff/Ranks (Do not mention server names): Moderator for a old server few years back, also have been FB group Moderator and Admin in the past.

Why do you deserve this rank?: I'm just looking to grow and help the staff. I have been trying to find a new and up coming server to grow with and have fun while keeping the server safe.

Have you been Banned, Jailed, Muted, etc?: No

If answered yes to above, why?:

If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play?: Yes, probably stay constant of at least a minimum of 5 hours a day.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language? I would allow 2 warnings, on the 3rd it would be a mute.

What would you do if you came across someone that appeared to be AFK training? If command is allowed I would auto log out the said player. If that is not the case I would 1 hour ban said plan to force log out and place reason why in forum (if said player is active on forum).

What would you do if a player did not pay out when dicing? Offer a redemption for them to do so, if they failed to do so I would grant them a one time warning and pay his/her fee for that one time. If the said player did it a second time it would be a 24 hour ban with reason posted in Forum.

What would you do if someone asked you to buy RS gp from them? I would allow them a warning as to the Rule stating no out of game trading.

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on forums? Really two options here, 1) give them the option to delete or change it. 2) if the offence is a extreme case I would delete it from forum, post reason why, and mute them for 1 hour.

Tell us about yourself, hobbies, things you enjoy doing etc?: I have a son, a dog, and a wife. Outside of those things I really just work, Have fun on Private Servers, Go for hikes, Build cars/motorcycles, and fish.

Anything else you would like us to know?: I mean ask away, I'm a open book just here to have fun and assist where needed.

[EDIT:] I would like to help broadcast the servers name. If granted a staff position I will promote every day in various ways; such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc...
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